68 percent of the banks want more outsource

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Seven out of ten banks in Germany want to outsource more tasks. 17 percent of them speak of outsourcing in larger extent. The institutes expect, however, with increasing costs to the Outsourcing the legal regulations.

68 Prozent der Banken wollen mehr auslagern

The reason is that Externally-conducted activities, and purchased IT systems must, in future, be more closely monitored. This is the result of a study of Procedera Consult for the upcoming MaRisk amendment. 100 specialists and managers were interviewed.

The head of the existing contracts with service providers of concern. Such contracts are often long-term. Many of those agreements should, however, run counter to the soon to the supervision law. So, banks need to submit once per quarter-to-date figures on the risks, which is a money house, for example, in the granting of loans to the authorities. Until recently, it has enough of an annual rhythm with a lower cost. “Every third paging must be put to the test,” says Sven Müller, an expert on financial market regulation in Procedera Consult.


Outsourcing draw a total of the highest costs when it comes to the MaRisk amendment. 79 percent expect additional investments in order to meet the new requirements of the BaFin to prepare. However, hardly anyone expects the Institute to take back existing outsourcing arrangements. 21 percent of Bank managers expect rather to take on, at most, in isolated cases, already outsourced activities. “Outsourcing has proven effective for many banks,” says Müller. “Now it is important to manage these activities effectively.”


69 percent of banks expect to need to rules for this purpose, the responsibilities within the organization. 67 percent also plan a stand-alone Department to monitor existing paging Central. The subject areas are to be relieved. Because the future is hardly the time to deal with complicated regulations such as Further relocations. 59 percent see a need for action, as well as contingency plans, if a service provider fails all of a sudden.

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