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The new ATM fee to the savings banks brings to the institutes only minimal additional revenue, but a significant loss of image. We reported on it. The colleagues from Capital is calculated.

Geldautomaten-Gebühr ohne Effekt

According to calculations by the business magazine ‘Capital’ (issue 5/2017; EVT 20. April) in cooperation with the düsseldorf-based business consulting, Barkow Consulting the relevant savings banks with the controversial new ATM fees for their own customers at most 20 million euros a year. In Relation to the set maximum of 0.2 percent of pre-tax income of all German savings banks.


The institutions have been created according to the ‘Capital’ of the new fee is a Problem, without strengthening their revenue side really. After it became known that many of the smaller savings banks, demand now for their own customers Withdrawal fees, was the President of the Deutscher Sparkassen – und giroverband (DSGV), Georg Fahrenschon publicly attacked sharp, because he had initially denied the charge, since it only applies for certain account models.


The sum of 20 million euros, if of the 43 savings banks that charge their own customers fees, those 26 homes are to be deducted, the cash in only “Multiple-offender”. Because: According to Figures from the banking Association, the German in an average of only 2.3 Times per month to the vending machines. The fee in most of the participating savings banks, but only from the fourth withdrawal in a month.


Taking into account only the 17 institutions, the desire to pull the fee from the first Money, resulting in an average fee of 37 cents, a total of 19.7 million Euro per year. The fee for the 17 savings banks is not applicable for all account models, is not included in this number once again, which is probably even lower.


Really money the banks earn on the other hand, the increase in the basic fees. It is assumed that these have increased by an average of about 1.50 euros a month, adds up to the approximately 100 million current accounts to 1.8 billion euros in the year.

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