Crédit Mutuel uses IBM Watson

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Crédit Mutuel focuses on Cognitive Computing. 20,000 employees in 5,000 stores will use IBM Wason. With this decision, Watson will be used for the first time commercially by a financial institution in France for the support of professionals.

Crédit Mutuel nutzt IBM Watson

Watson is a perfect work partner that helps our professionals to improve the quality of service and to increase the added value for customers,” Nicolas Thery, Chairman of Crédit Mutuel


After Crédit Mutuel and IBM have partnered together to improve the French skills of Watson, and to train, Watson integrated services in the business applications of the Bank and in the past year from customers, advisors in French. Until the middle of June, all customers will be switched advisors from 15 cooperatives of Crédit Mutuel in France, Watson solutions: The e-mail Analyzer is to help advisors of these branches to manage over 350,000 daily customer E-Mails. The analysis program detects the most common requests, determines the urgency of the matter. Two Virtual-assistant-applications are enriched with the Watson technology, so that customers can be faster provided with the required information. This technique accesses a wide range of products, from complex areas such as motor Vehicle and building insurance to savings and Investment products.


After a year of intensive training with the experts of the Company, the Bank and a successful pilot project that was carried out at 150 customer advisors, 20 branches, both found a solution to the customer advisers of the pilot project well received. The Watson solutions were fed know with internal Companies, have saved customers, consultants, time, speed, relevance and accuracy of responses to customer requests, improves, and ultimately the customer relationship will be strengthened as a more personal customer service. According to a survey conducted among the participants of the pilot project, 94% of respondents would recommend their colleagues in the Virtual Assistant, and 87 percent of the e-mail Analyzer. The test run also showed that the customers ‘ questions, 60 percent found a consultant via the Virtual Assistant with Watson for the majority of the customers faster with the right answers.


“As a cooperative Bank with a strong regional presence in the whole of France, we will continue to invest in our branches, our consultants are more personal to build relationships with our customers, be it face-to-face, on the phone or on digital channels. In this context, Watson is a perfect work partner that helps our professionals to improve the quality of service and to increase the added value for customers,” explains Nicolas Thery, Chairman of Crédit Mutuel. “We continue to develop our banking business so that we can offer customers our growing number of diverse and high-quality services. And we are aware how important it is for our professionals is to stand in the center of the customer relationship.”


Crédit Mutuel would like to expand in the course of the year, the Integration of the Watson technology to other application areas. Planned integrations for health services, risk-life insurance, payment protection insurance and Bank-loan services.

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