Customer IAM in practice

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Insurance companies need to ensure the security of the data. This is especially true for B2B-solutions in the IT sector, where on a platform several partners involved. This data must be safe: a good practice example of an insurance group.

Customer IAM in der Praxis

The ideal Customer IAM improves the Customer Experience, reduces security risks, reduces costs and increases the availability of the applications and the help Desk Sign-On reduces complexity, allows users to Self more advanced User Services (source: Airlock)

On the various brokers ‘ systems of a large international insurance company of 7,000 external and internal employees to access. Both groups of users, create offers, manage their Portfolios and ask questions information about training, and commissions. The access of external users to the internal company applications is, however, complicated by the Identity and Access Management (IAM) System is based on five different products from multiple vendors. A new System is On with Single Sign-on, i.e. with a single authentication, to reduce the complexity and to all users advanced User Self-Services. The group received a solution which was very quickly ready for use and in addition 50 per cent of the current costs.


Future ability to secure


In addition to the easy access for the Broker also, the expansion capability was increasingly important: The scalability for future applications, for example, a customer portal, had to be given by the new solution. The insurance company wanted to be able to define different user roles for employees, partners and customers. By the access of external applications were also exposed, which led to increased safety requirements. On the search for a comprehensive and flexible solution for all these requirements, the group has been with the Airlock Suite is a find. The combination of the Web Application Firewall Airlock WAF with the authentication server and the Airlock IAM is the sought-after exact solution offered from a single source. The Partner of the insurance received a simple and secure access to internal applications. This so-called cIAM solution helps in the management of a large number of identities, such as customers, partners, and employees, access to Services, platforms, or applications of the company on the Internet. The advantage of a cIAM-solution is the high degree of automation, user administration, reduce the workload on the Helpdesk.


An advantage of the combination of a Customer’s IAM solution with a Web Application Firewall is that the expiration of the customer is secured interactions with the IAM and the IAM System, as well as the applications extensively against known OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, such as Script attack, to be protected. The Swiss solution replaced the previous System of the insurance group thanks to its flexibility in record time: in five months, the solution was in operation.


Increased User-Friendliness


For the user, especially the user-friendliness has increased with the new solution. A single registration is sufficient for access to all applications – whether internally or in the Cloud. But also the cost decreased: Previously, Support was an important and big cost factor, because the user himself, there were no administrative. So the users had to, for example, a password Reset via the Helpdesk. With the use of the cIAM solution can now manage each customer his or her password, as well as all other activities for the management of the account. The insurance group was able to reduce Support calls by 30 percent. Overall, the company saved through the new, centralized cIAM-solution about 50 per cent of the ongoing operational costs.

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