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Savings banks are bold, because they have to, at least some of them. You turn on fees bolt – on one of the last real Touchpoints, which they still possess: at-the-money dispensing machine. The Reputation of the is not conducive.

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Comment by Herbert Sebald, editor-in-chief av-finance.com


The forced economic action leads to the Small-scale. The savings banks gnaw really so starving that some of the tens of Thousands of euros to be more of a help to you. Hardly! You jeopardize the most important asset, the trust of the customers in his Bank. Greed is in Online to read the forums often… and this is the first warning signal!


Savings banks, as well as the Enjoyed, showed itself as the white knight in the Wake of the financial crisis. The consequences hit you harder now as the polluter-pays – the large global banks – remains tragic. But just thought Bepreisungen damage to the Image and thus the future ability. Lens fees can be justified, because to keep the cash cycle perfectly and securely on the Running costs. These investments pay for themselves, because they tie the customer to the Bank.


Who wants to turn on the output screw, and should be further thinking. Target group segmented package deals a la “All you can eat”, “All inclusive” or how the Banking flat rate may also always be called, provide for higher return and higher customer satisfaction. The relation to other industries, we chose Wisely. Competition intensive industries are already showing solutions. You stay brave!“

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