Every second Job-candidate shall pay the travel costs

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The cost of travel to job interviews are often not taken. Nearly half (47 percent) of all respondents to a new Concur-study[1] indicates that a refund of travel costs in the application process with you never occurred. Chung Institute Innofact on behalf of Concur.

A third of those who experience a refund of the travel expenses made, reported problems. Often, the payment does not take place at all (34 percent), the procedure is cumbersome (32%) or the refund will be made much to late (26 percent).


The uncomplicated reimbursement of travel costs for 40 per cent of the respondents actually Standard. It comes to complications, affects the according to these respondents, the image of the company was slightly negative. A quarter (26 per cent) of the respondents indicates that a simple transfer of travel expenses to their perception of the company even strongly influenced. They are of the view that companies that invest in modern processes and Tools, innovation, and appreciation demonstrate. For every fifth Respondent (21 percent), it is, however, irrelevant, as the refund expires. You make your evaluation of other aspects.


Digital technologies in the application process


Eight out of ten respondents (78 percent) is very or fairly important to work in a company that relies on modern technologies. Of companies in this respect is not up-to-date not come for 16 percent of the respondents as an employer in question.

In the application process companies, especially with Online applications via Social Media channels or other Online points platforms. On every third of the respondents (31 percent) would make this Application possible, the greatest impression. A quarter of applicants (25 per cent) in favour of the Option of paperless travel management including booking and billing. The possibility of Video Interviews about via Skype or Facetime scores in comparison to the worst. Only every Tenth (11 per cent) would make this technology the biggest impression. A third (33 per cent) of all respondents would, however, impress with any of these technologies. This proportion is among the female respondents with 39 per cent higher than among men (26 percent). Among the younger applicants (18 to 29 years) were referred to digital technologies, only every Fifth completely unimpressed.


“Many German companies are affected by the shortage of skilled workers. A professionally-managed application process, may give these companies a competitive advantage,“ says Götz Reinhardt, Managing Director, EMEA Central at Concur. “Although candidates according to our study, the largest value in a detailed job description, sympathetic conversation partner and short reaction times, but this should be in the application process, of course. Companies should not leave it as a freestyle other aspects. This also includes a digital-managed travel expense process, the shows future employees that is already in the application process, how innovative the company is well positioned.“

[1] [1], a Representative survey among 1,000 German workers between the ages of 18 and 69 years. The Online survey took place in March of 2017, and was conducted by the market research Institute Innofact on behalf of Concur.

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