FI-Forum 2016: The customer thinking in terms of the

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Digitisation, Regulation and efficiency – three great challenges for the financial sector are the focus of this year’s FI forum. Under the Motto “The customer in mind.” invites the Finanz Informatik (FI), Directors, senior executives and experts from savings banks, landesbanken and associated enterprises of the savings banks Finance group of 15. to 17. November 2016 to Frankfurt. gi money Institute presents the themes and exhibition Highlights.

FI-Forum 2016: Vom Kunden her denken

Record attendance expected: The FI-Forum is THE meeting place for the IT-experts of the savings Bank Association

On the FI Forum financial-computer science, presented to around 200 exhibition stands, together with numerous partner companies, a comprehensive overview of the market of IT. The IT service provider of the savings banks Finance group, offers visitors a wide range of products, services and solutions to support the savings banks, regional state banks and associated partners, companies in the field of tension between the progressive digitization and the increasing regulatory requirements. In hall 11.1 of the Frankfurt exhibition grounds, the FI shows in the three areas of “savings Bank experience”, “Efficient” and “Reliable control”, as the institutions with an optimal IT-support in the competition can be successful. Round off the practice-oriented exhibition will explore the concept through the innovation of the “future”, in which visitors get an insight into the financial world of tomorrow and the latest technology Trends and experience. For the first time, the project partners will be involved in this year’s FI-Forum directly in the FI-stands and is available as a contact person on-site to each of the topics. This includes, among other things, the DSGV, Sparkassen-Finance portal, the DekaBank and S-Rating. Around 60 lectures complement the extensive trade fair program. In three specialist forums, experts from savings banks and country banks report on the basis of Best Practice examples on the successful use of OSPlus applications. Experts from industry and science present current solution strategies, as well as the latest developments and Trends. The range of topics ranging from digitalisation and multi-channel sales through management of the Bank and Regulatory requirements to process optimization.


Topics in Detail


“Sparkasse experience” – digitization

In this theme everything revolves around the digitalization of the banking business and the multi-channel sales of the savings banks. In the Wake of the digital revolution, customers want anywhere, anytime, and depending on the Situation, online, mobile or in the branch of their banking business, the current financial status of queries or to make a Transfer. With the Internet branch 6 (IF 6) and OSPlus_neo the FI provides the savings banks-the-art IT solutions to meet the changing customer requirements. At around 20 experience the visitors will be presented the innovative solutions of the FI in a practical way. To the points of the fair, attendees will learn the Interplay of individual products and the execution of various processes. The aim is to illustrate the integrated multi-channel distribution on the Basis of modern Software solutions. It is also shown how the current approach has been implemented for the “multi-channel strategy of the future” for the savings banks. Practice-oriented examples will be presented to the visitors the way in which the savings Bank customers and savings Bank employees in OSPlus_neo of a uniform user interface benefit. So, customers can begin a loan application online at home and then with the consultant in the store to complete. Detailed already established IT solutions are presented, such as, for example, the consulting process, financial Check, or mortgage lending solutions. In addition, the savings banks share their experiences in the Migration of OSPlus_neo. In the case of the IF 6, the exhibition, guests will receive an Overview of the advantages of the new Version and the features of the application. With this, the savings banks can reduce the administrative burden significantly. Thanks to a responsive design, the IF 6 allows you to on all devices – from PC to Smartphone – a uniform appearance. At the same time, the savings banks have more opportunities for sales to customers.


“Reliable control” – Regulatory

The range of topics provides a comprehensive Overview of the application solutions in the context of Regulatory requirements and Bank management. In view of the further increasing regulatory requirements, the need for appropriate Reporting systems for the savings banks. For efficient and effective management of the Institute must have the necessary IT solutions to the relevant figures to bring together and clearly present. Together with the savings banks, the FI presented on the basis of Best-Practice examples, the optimal use of Controlling-applications and Rating Tools for the management of the Bank. Interested visitors will not only get an insight into already existing solutions but also in new offerings such as the integrated data management system. The IT solution enables the uniform development of a common data storage for the management of the Bank, including reporting with the technically harmonised methods and analyses. The example of a standardized and automated management of the Bank in this area know how savings banks, manual activities can significantly reduce.


“Work efficiently” – efficiency

The thematic area “Efficient” focuses on IT solutions to support the savings banks to reduce their IT costs. Shown applications, to reduce permanently the extensive range of operational IT tasks. By outsourcing the IT savings banks to gain more leeway and can focus on increased sales activities. Visitors follow in this subject area a total overview of all the infrastructure issues and solutions for efficient handling in the Market. Among the exhibition topics ITservices comfort” as well as “my mobile workplace,””.


With “ITservices comfort” can Sparkassen rely on a fully comprehensive Outsourcing offer, the all of the IT areas taken into consideration by the Administration over the network, as well as the Server to the Clients of the SB Zone. The FI assumes End-to-End responsibility for the Bank’s professional Services. “my mobile workplace,” supports the savings banks in the integration and Administration of mobile devices in the everyday work. Visitors will learn what high-performance infrastructure that offers this innovative solution and how mobile employees to their relevant data can be accessed.


“Discover the future” – innovation

In the field of innovation, the FI gives a glance over the edge of the plate and in the banking world of tomorrow. The Use of innovative technologies of the future such as, for example, Virtual Reality for the consulting and Banking in the foreground. So visitors can experience first-hand how Microsoft’s HoloLens can be around for consulting situations. For the first time, the humanoid robot “Pepper” is also on the FI Forum. In Conjunction with the Watson technology from IBM Pepper shows visitors to the fair with his exceptional abilities.

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