FI-Forum in 2016: IT solutions for the savings banks financial group

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Andreas Honsel, head of Department of Marketing, Finanz Informatik, in the run-up to the FI-forum in 2016, the issues of gi institutions.

FI-Forum 2016: IT-Lösungen für die Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe

“Customer orientation is a Central factor for success. This applies to both the FI as well as for their customers.“ Andreas Honsel, Head Of The Department Marketing, Financial Informatics

Why are the three topics of digitalization, Regulatory requirements, and efficiency at the heart of this year’s FI forum?

This is reflected in the subjects currently on the three Central challenges of the financial industry. Therefore, it is logical for us to make these the focal points of our in-house exhibition.


The Motto of this year’s FI-forum is “customer in mind”. What lies behind this title?

Customer orientation is a key success factor today. This applies to both the FI as well as for your customers. Thus, all credit institutions are faced with the challenge that the behaviour and the expectations of your customers is changing faster today than ever before digitisation. For the FI, this means that she is more challenged than ever to provide your customers with the right IT support for the changing requirements.


How have you designed the exhibition to bring visitors to the theme?

We take up three topics of digitalization, Regulatory requirements and efficiency through a clear hall structure. In the three areas of “savings Bank experience”, “Efficient” and “Reliable control” to present the appropriate products, services and solutions to the hard points. This year we have a total of 114 exhibition stands. New to the experience are the experience points in the area of “Sparkasse”. Three booths are a point of interest. To this we will show to the visitors, together with partners and savings banks, as the solutions work and how processes are interconnected.


What is the role IT plays in connection with the above-mentioned topics?

IT is a key success factor. The good examples below illustrate: the FI with the Internet has realized a branch and OSPlus_neo contemporary solutions. With these savings banks can be the changing needs of customers as a result of the digitization. In addition, the standardized MaRisk Reporting in OSPlus and the uniform data management are important prerequisites in order to meet the rising regulatory requirements. Efficient Work supports the FI with “my mobile workplace,” and “ITservices comfort”. Savings banks can reduce costs over the long term. Examples such as this, the visitors will consistently on the FI Forum. They show that IT plays as a Business Enabler, a fundamental role for our customers.


A magnet for visitors was in the past always measure the area of innovation. What priorities have you set here?

The innovation stands in this year under the Motto “discover the future”. Seven of the ten stalls have a clear reference to the Banking. So, the company of the Sparkassen-financial group on current projects. We show how using Virtual Reality emotional elements in counselling conversations. The approximately 360-degree views of properties in the planning stage.


A special feature of the FI-forum is the involvement of IT-companies in the savings banks Finance group is active. What is the added value these bring to the audience?

Our customers of the Sparkassen-financial group to get to a place in the event with a comprehensive Overview of the entire range of products and services around the IT for savings banks and banks. The partners involved are, therefore, in addition to the exhibition stands of the FI is an important building block for Success and a round of our in-house exhibition.

Many large trade fairs last had to fight with declining audience numbers, while the FI Forum enjoys great popularity. What is your secret to success?

The visitors will get in one place all the important information on IT. You can use the FI Forum and also to maintain existing contacts and your personal network to expand. This is an attractive offer, the benefit many of visitors of two or three days of intensive. Therefore, we have to pay for years, increasing number of visitors.


… and why in the future, not a year?

We will also continue to adhere to the two-year cycle because it has worked. The participant surveys on the FI Forum, show a high level of satisfaction with the two-year rhythm. The visitors feel one of us needs to learn about current technologies and Trends. For specific information, we also offer many other event formats for our customers, which are also actively used.

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