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  • Theresa May commits Tories to migration target
  • Labour MP: Election not about changing the government
  • Nigel Farage: I’m not standing

Labour could publish a “rolling manifesto” instead of a single document, one of the party’s MPs has suggested.

Dawn Butler, a former shadow minister who spoke alongside Jeremy Corbyn at the Labour leader’s first major speech of the election campaign on Thursday, said the party’s major policy document could be updated as the campaign progresses.

She told the BBC’s Newsnight programme: "There will be things I’m sure that we want to put into the manifesto that we won’t be able to put in just yet.

"So, you know, the manifesto may even be a rolling manifesto, you know, in that there’ll be other things coming in at the end.

Dawn Butler, Labour former shadow minister

David Mirzoeff/PA

"But I’m sure that when the Labour Party manifesto comes out it will be very pleasing. And I am absolutely sure that it will be for the many in…

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