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  • Theresa May commits Tories to net migration target
  • Labour rules out second referendum manifesto pledge
  • Tories receive poll boost with party on 48 per cent
  • Nigel Farage: Paul Nuttall has six weeks to prove himself
  • Douglas Carswell quits
  • Brussels demands UK foot EU agencies’ relocation bill 

Theresa May said the Conservatives will commit to reducing net migration to the UK to tens of thousands.

The Prime Minister said she wanted to deliver “sustainable numbers” of people coming to Britain and defined that number as being less than 100,000.

Mrs May’s comments came after Karen Bradley, the Culture Secretary, said that the Government’s immigration policy should not be about numbers.

Speaking to Sky News, Mrs May said: “We have been very clear, as I was as Home Secretary for six years, that it is important that we have net migration that is in sustainable numbers.

Theresa May on a visit to a radar manufacturer on Thursday


“We believe sustainable numbers…

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