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Probably, it happens every day in German companies. A colleague is on vacation or in the hospital, and must be represented for a certain amount of time. Probably every day it is in this connection to classical problems.

(Urlaubs-)Vertretung – perfekt organisieren

Perfect organization helps: holiday representation should go smoothly

What is the password for…? Where we order for our …? How to do this or that to PC, printer, network, or program? Where are the documents to a Customer? And not to forget – according to the representation phase, the obligatory: Oh, I didn’t know to do that too. In short: A smooth absence of representation without problems during the absence of and without the to be processed residue for the Absent a presentation and is often, unfortunately. This Problem usually has two very simple causes.


Cause 1: You work primarily on self-fixed


Many employees organize their work so that they you fast by the Hand, and you will reach the desired destination quickly. This is undoubtedly conducive to the productivity of the employee. The traceability of the individual tasks, operations or projects by external parties will be left often, as it is for the specific activity is usually irrelevant. A documentation of the individual steps, stopping only represents an added expense, and for whom this is supposed to be interesting? It is doing its job, after all, alone and needs no help. And just like that, the looks also, no one – why?


Such a functioning must cause in relation to the holiday, no trouble. In the context of a holiday delivery man gives a Briefing to the cases where something needs to be done and something could happen. This is his representation of all the necessary background information. Because nothing can go wrong. And if there is, it is not out of the world and somehow accessible, to help short. As a solution, certainly.


In the case of sudden absence due to illness is no more space quickly for this optimism. Accident, stroke, heart attack, … – there are more than enough reasons that can tear a colleague from one day to the other from the working – and since then remains for a longer period of time and is often not accessible. For the gentlemen this is of course a disaster, because the question marks are piling up in this scenario, almost forcibly. In the extreme case, no man knows else in the Team, with which customer it was so in the conversation where the documents are, where requests were made, or what was still to do. All of this can quickly throw a very bad light on a company, if patience and understanding of customers have been overused.


Cause 2: It deals in the run-up to little with the additional task representation


The Black Peter, one must not look solely at the responsible employee. Usually, the representative is also not 100 percent on all tasks of his colleagues in the picture. For holiday deliveries, take – if they take place at all – just a little time, and overall, the Motivation to have this additional task is, rather, behavior. “If I’m out of time!”, it is, therefore, an often-heard answer to the question of when you would take care of the Affairs of the Absent. So much remains then, what needs to rework the returnees. Apart from the fact that this eats up often the recovery effect of the holiday, and not a shred the impression that there is a real holiday representative in this company actually does. This is not just a balm for the team atmosphere.


Actually, it would be quite easy … really!


A smooth absence of representation is possible. Only certain conditions must be created. Who is someone to know what this has everything to tasks. The responsibilities need to be clearly defined and visible. At least once you must dedicate yourself to both employees together of the respective responsibilities, so that both are brought to the same level of knowledge, so that both a task can be done.


Open operations must be for other colleagues documented clearly visible. The only way it can be ensured in the case of an unexpected failure of that work remains. The appropriate work instruction must be monitored by supervisors and enforced. A detailed holiday delivery must be by a work instruction is mandatory for both colleagues.


All of these are – viewed from the outside – actually, almost a matter of course. In the team, but apparently too close to it, so that you can’t see the simple solutions are probably simple. This is probably the only human and all of us at one point or another in our everyday lives for sure. Therefore, the views of a third party on living conditions is never a mistake!


The VEMA-broker office (VMB) help!


There is something very rarely so good that it could not be improved, we offer our affiliated partners, already since some time, a guide to the office organization: VEMA-broker office (VMB). In 19 success factors, covering topics such as business objectives, Risk and opportunity management as well as the responsibilities, or work instructions/guidelines, to treat, to show we are here as a red thread, what in a modern real estate office thought it must be, in order for the business operation in all conceivable situations in the best possible way will continue to run. Numerous sample pages enable a quick start and successful implementation by this can be easily and individually to the specific requirements of each company tailored and it is linked to.


On request, can be our Partner also in the “domestic” office space, our staff will advise and coach, as the factors of the VMB in the most affected company in the sense can be implemented. Where to start? What goes first? Which order should I choose? Individually to the respective Situation, can be found, make it clear to our Coaches all the key points. Lasting success begins in the form of a critical confrontation with what you practiced for years. Preserve what is good or replace, the a healthy approach.


The VEMA EC saw your cooperative tasks have always been far beyond the mere provision of products and technology in addition to. The consideration of the brokers operating in the Whole, with its diverse needs is, therefore, always been the Basis of our activity. According to this holistic approach, we offer our partners of the state are under-optimizing-end services. A good internal process that consumes unnecessary resources, is the best Basis for a long, fruitful partnership. Cooperative makes you strong!

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