In contact with the modern debtor

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In order to comply with the tightening of capital and liquidity requirements through Basel III, to improve their balance sheets, banks increase their cost-efficiency. For banks, this means an optimization of the lending process and a targeted Expansion of the customer portfolio on the Basis of detailed analysis of existing customer groups and potential customers.

In Kontakt mit dem modernen Schuldner

Especially in the case of liquidity problems, the customer relationship to review the exact image source: magele-picture –

“Banks need to do more for their customers”. Some of the money houses in order to put this claim already, and relate to your customers, even in difficult issues such as the management of receivables. However, this is only possible if the right service provider support. In the United States provider to work with transparent Scoring systems. For other customers this may be a shock, in the medium term, it can be beneficial. A study shows that banks with such Services to knock on your customers ‘ open doors. A majority of consumers purchase regularly Online, get the invoice, usually electronically. “What is more obvious than the already online-savvy consumers to pave a simple and customer-friendly way, if he is with a bill longer in default and then in the collection ends up,” explains First Debit-managing Director Tobias Domnowski his approach.


The customers of the future store


The multi-channel approach for the management of accounts receivable a profound impact: Many people increasingly use the Internet for their financial transactions. Some develop a more relaxed attitude towards debt – to- expect but at the same time a better Service and a higher flexibility from their lenders. This makes it more difficult to policyholders dealing with the defaulting credit and requires new approaches in the speech.


The reasons for arrears are many and varied. Simplified however, they can be grouped into three categories: First, there is the actual payment of the eligible borrower, which specifies only a lack of payment discipline. Reasons for this can be absence due to many appointments, General Overload, or simply poor organization ability. Then there are those with temporary financial shortages, due to a larger purchase, an expensive repair or a family holiday in arrears. And finally, there are those people with medium – to long-term payment disruptions, which can, for example, by high Indebtedness, unemployment, illness or divorce. From a risk perspective, the credit institution only seen customers in the latter category are really worrying.


Customer accounts in the first category should be processed with low effort, at best fully automatically. This is a pure memory process that includes a request for payment. In the second category, you can help out by relatively simple, time-limited measures, such as the temporary expansion of the financial margin, while the banks are instructed in dealing with customers of the latter category to develop individual solution strategies. This knowledge and tact are required. However, as the lender will filter those cases out from the crowd, the are critical and it is important to focus on? And how the speech in the Individual is to be made?


Address customers to customize


Automated calls and SMS are a fast and effective way to support the large numbers in the early receivables management. For really solvent customers, such an automated reminder is less unpleasant than to have to with a debt collection company. And it usually leads faster to the goal. Self-repayment plans, some banks are now self-service option of the defaulting customers to create. To treat accounts in this category of fully automated, higher consumer satisfaction, faster repayments and in consequence, means more time to be able to the true risk customers. This kind of speech not only has the advantage of being less stressful for the customer relationship, it is also cost-effective and efficient. Find out what kind of speech and what are the channels of the individual defaulting borrower responds to the best, is the task of professional receivables management.


Most people carry their Smartphone around the clock and have almost unlimited access to the Internet, which increases the Chance to be able to quickly get in touch with you. In addition, recipients of targeted mobile communications are more inclined to engage directly with the payment reminder and to respond by immediate payment. The more direct, more discreet and skilful a lender reports his recidivist clients, the more likely it is that this gives the repayment to the lender compared to other open invoices priority.


Success Factor Customer Relationship


Basically, the response from the customer in times of such arrears can affect the entire business relationship. The more personal the contact, the higher the probability that the customer remains in good times, more loyal, and from the current Problem for future customers. This type of contact has a high value for the credit institution, for dealing with re-payment difficulties would be tested already. Also economically it expects to guide existing customers through difficult situations, because the acquisition of new customers is expensive and that always means the handling of uncertainties. Analytics-based debt management can contribute to strengthening overall customer loyalty. And finally, A relationship with the customers means at the same time, to avoid residues in the core, because account holders who were already with the lender in dialogue, are more receptive to offers of help and to cooperate more willing.




The potential that Analytics, is now used only by few banks. In view of the continually changing communication processes and the high costs associated with the acquisition of new customers, is a professional receivables management and the associated care and maintenance of the customer relationship, from an economic point of view is essential.

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