IT infrastructure and Web-protect applications

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The security situation for banks remains a threat, especially in distributed environments. How the money houses can optimally protect, in gi language money institutions with Jürgen Metko, Regional Vice President Web Sales & Managing Director, Central Europe at Akamai.

IT-Infrastruktur und  Web-Applikationen schützen

“Optimally placed and coordinated to form specialized Cloud Security Services are at the heart of a complete solution, with the company the protection of your IT infrastructure, your Web applications and data.” Jürgen Metko, Regional Vice President Web Sales & Managing Director, Central Europe at Akamai

What threat do you see?

Jürgen Metko: quantity and quality of the Cyber-attacks have significantly increased. The attackers are technically very accomplished. You try Websites and applications, to cripple, to change the content, and attempts are always new reports about extortion. A year ago, for example, the Bitcoin extortionist groups DD4BC and the Armada Collective were active. By E-Mail, they demanded protection money in the Form of Bitcoins.


What motives drive the attacker?

Generally speaking, two motives can be distinguished. First, it is generated with the volumetric attacks, which are often reinforced by botnets, a huge amount of requests to block a site. Secondly, the attacks are targeted directly at Web applications, in which targeted security holes to be exploited in order to steal customers ‘ data and credit card information. Remedy virtual Patching creates, for example, because the weak points for attackers are no longer addressable.


The financial institutions are losing the battle against Cyber Criminals?

Companies and attackers do not stand still – both sides are constantly learning. So we have to live with the fact that the level of threat in the Web will not relax in the near term, fundamentally. Sometimes the one and then the other side has a small projection.


How optimized protection?

Important is, that the banks rely solely on the preventive IT-security measures in your own data center. Conventional, locally installed Firewalls offer some protection, as long as the DDoS attacks with a moderate aims of bandwidth on the IT infrastructure. Akamai has repeatedly measured DDoS-attacks with 300 Gbit/s or more. The usual Equipment is unable to do this simply. Akamai recommends the establishment of multi-level lines of defense. Local Load balancers and Firewalls to the Cloud to be supplemented based solutions like Akamai’s Kona Site Defender and Prolexic Routed and amplified. Updates the protection mechanisms for Cloud-based solutions to centralize, there are no Firewalls in different locations need to be updated-consuming with all the latest Rule Sets.


What are the advantages of Cloud-based IT security measures?

They complement and reinforce first, the firms in their data centers have already deployed IT Security products. Optimally placed and coordinated specialist Cloud Security Services to ensure the centerpiece of a complete solution, with the company the protection of your IT infrastructure, Web applications, and data. A in the Cloud solution implemented has two objectives. First, it blocks high-bandwidth DDoS attacks that can’t fend off a traditional Firewall to take effect. Websites and Web-applications are, thus, also in the case of ongoing DDoS attacks is still available. Secondly, the attacks with a Cloud-based solution to more accurately analyze and determine, for example, by means of which attack the attacker’s vectors approach and then immediately lock.


How can a Bank when it is attacked?

Prevention is the most effective protection. However, it is also possible that companies from all industries turn to first in an ongoing attack on Akamai. In simplified terms are then created as a replacement for the challenged new virtual IP addresses. Then a transition to the new Akamai-protected IP addresses. The DDoS attack is redirected and loses its effectiveness.

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