MAINTENANCE : “80 trainers have been trained and supervised by the Foundation”

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				ENTRETIEN : «80 formateurs ont été formés et encadrés par la Fondation»

As an economic sector, a very employer, the craft has been the subject of a pilot operation in the field of financial inclusion.

Some of the details with Fatema Marouane, minister of Handicrafts, social and solidarity Economy, on the agreement signed between his department and BAM.

Finances News Hebdo : Can you recall in a few words the place which occupies today the financial education within your department ?

Fatema Marouane : financial education proves to be important because the artisans, like many Moroccans, moreover, have no notions in the field of finance and banking. It is in this spirit that the convention that we signed with the Bank Al-Maghrib for financial inclusion. The aim is to introduce the training in financial education not only in the curriculum of training of students of the centre, but also to coach our artisans. This is also the reason why we conduct these trainings in the margin of the fairs which bring together artisans from all over the world.

This convention has concerned the training of trainers, which are part of the centre. There are about 80 trainers have been trained and mentored by experts from the Foundation. An educational tool has been realized starting from the needs of artisans. It is a tool that is very didactic for the crafts sector which is a sector of economic and also very employer. As I recalled in my intervention, 2.3 million people are employed in the industry between craft production and craft services. Therefore, it was important to introduce this notion of financial inclusion.

F. N. H. : today, have you begun to feel the fallout, the lower they are, of this program on the situation of the artisans ?

F. M. : We signed the convention in 2014 and we have started the pilot operation in 2015, but we have made an assessment of hot, who showed a keen interest and a certain enthusiasm for the training. Now, other artisans who have not completed the training want to benefit from it. I think the impact will be visible because they will understand how to manage a budget, how to forecast, how to save…

F. N. H. : One question that I should ask certainly to the governor of the central Bank : why the choice is made in a first time on the craft sector and what are the others that are in the pipe ?

F. M. : I think that the central Bank has found that it is a very important sector, employer of 2.3 million artisans, not to mention the other actors of the social and solidarity economy that depend on this ministry for which I am responsible. I think that it is, in this case, a large part of the population that is in need of coaching, this training and how the first impacts will be felt soon. Another sector which has been the subject of a pilot experiment is that of education. And certainly others will follow.

Interview by S. Es-siari

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