“Petya” attacks on the Web

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The underestimated danger from Cyber-Space. “Wannacry,” now “Petya” – seemingly at will Cyber attack-blackmail for businesses around the globe. The current Version of the Ransomware could use the same security hole in Windows, through the already the “Wannacry”Virus found its way into the systems.

„Petya“ greift im Web an

Ransomware attacks are increasing in quantity and quality

Even months after the announcement is closed, the gateway in many places even – because many companies appreciate the consequences of a Cyber-attack. Only a few weeks after the Wannacry-Virus put several hundred thousand computers in over 150 countries, lame, made, numerous companies currently, the next wave of attack. In the centre of the attack of Ransomware “Petya” were, apparently, the IT-systems in Russia and the Ukraine, the failures were also reported from other countries, of the world’s largest shipping company Möller-Maersk in Denmark. The media also report of problems in a chocolate factory of Cadbury in Australia and the Headquarters of the Beiersdorf group in Hamburg.


Lack Of Risk Awareness


The IT security service provider Symantec highlighted in a first analysis that the malicious software named “Petya” ride on a well-known IT security gap in older versions of Windows. Under the name of “Eternal Blue” known gap had made the Windows-maker Microsoft in March 2017 is known. In a representative forsa-survey on behalf of the GDV had first denied in March, two-thirds of the surveyed SMEs have a high risk of Cyber-attacks on their companies. “The realization that the opportunities of digitization also bring risks, follows up today, just in many small and medium-sized companies, only a shrug of the shoulders. We need a new risk culture for the Cyber-Space,“ said Jörg von fürstenwerth, Chairman of GDV’s Board of management.


A study published in the British insurer Lloyds of London indicates the Problem. The study authors concluded that under the companies appreciate the impending economic consequences of the attacks. The Affected would suffer due to the failure of its systems direct to loss of revenue, would have to consuming to recover your data and systems, your business partners and to the Public crisis communication. In addition, liability claims, in the case of listed companies threatened a negative effect on the share price and a long-term decline in revenues due to the loss of confidence of the customers.


The consequences of a Cyber attack are insurable


Against many of these consequences of a successful Cyber-attack, with a Cy can protect themselves-about insurance. With the Police, insurers also offer services such as support in the case of the IT forensics and crisis communication, in order to keep the damage as low as possible. While Cyber Security and the appropriate insurance protection for large companies is now well established, particularly in the case of small and medium-sized companies still need to catch up.


So, these businesses can insure easier in the future, has developed the GDV with its member companies non-binding model terms and conditions for a Cyber-insurance by SMEs, as well as a non-binding risk questionnaire, the risk and the protection level of individual businesses, can be detected. This is because: The insurance of protection and Prevention must go Hand in Hand, the company must adhere to for the completion of a Cyber-Police basic IT security standards – including the consistent Close known security gaps.

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