Savings banks: Mobile Banking is growing faster than Online Banking

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Banking transactions done on the go with your Smartphone or Tablet, has importance in the everyday life of the savings banks ‘ customer a larger. The number of Mobile Banking transactions faster than the stationary Online Banking with the PC.

Sparkassen: Mobiles Banking wächst schneller als Online-Banking

“In December of last year, for the first time, more Mobile than Online Banking were executed Transfers. Mobile Banking is increasingly important for our customers, therefore we continue to focus on the consistent further development of our two savings banks Apps.“, the President of the German savings banks and Giro Association (DSGV) said Georg fahrenschon at today’s balance sheet press conference of the savings banks Finance group in Frankfurt/Main.

Today the free savings banks – and the paid Sparkassen-Plus-App with over 4.5 million active users, the most used Banking Apps in Germany. The Sparkassen-Plus-App has already been around for over four years, multi-Bank-capable, and is also used to 17 percent of external customers who have no account at a savings Bank.


The last major Update brought, among other things, the popular photo transfer and payment service “Kwitt” as innovations. With Kwitt quick and easy money can be sent from the mobile phone number of another. Most of all, this new feature is for the customers of savings banks are particularly popular: Since the launch on October 28. November 2016 have already registered over 310,000 savings banks-customers for “Kwitt” and since then half a Million transactions triggered. For 2017, the DSGV President announced a consistent development of the two Apps, you use, among other things, on the Feedback from the active users on the App Stores or the feedback from the customers to the individual savings banks.

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