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How savings banks and their customers benefit from a full-swap. Regulation, cost behavior, pressure, and changes in the customers that are the words with which almost every German savings Bank daily have to deal. For the leadership teams in the houses, this means that new strategies need to be developed and innovative avenues to make their business model fit for the future.

Deutliches Plus für die Kundengewinnung

In the Interview, Ulrich Sengle, a Board member of the Kreis – und stadtsparkasse Erding – Dorfen explained how his house with the current challenges, bypasses and what will be, in his opinion, factors of success for the future. Norbert Baumgärtner, spokesman of the management Board of the German service company for financial service mbH (DSGF) and Martin Paul, head of the Market Active the DSGF, explain how they support the Sparkasse Erding – Dorfen as a strategic Partner.


What Trends do you perceive as the service provider for the savings banks?

Baumgärtner: savings banks have been working for years with the same issues: low interest rates, regulatory and customer satisfaction. These parameters are not lose in the near future. The forced savings remains unchanged. A Central measure in this context is to take its own processes under the microscope. Especially in the case of increasing product diversity, the number of increases of different processes and thus also of the interpretation of business processes. At this point, standardization is the key to sustainable savings. As a long-standing Partner of the savings banks in the outsourcing of Back Office activities in an efficient and standardized processes are our core competence. Of course, all processes must be auditable. We take the savings banks, so that two heavy loads from their shoulders: the compliance with the regulatory requirements and the realization of efficiency gains.


The Kreis – und stadtsparkasse Erding – Dorfen has a row for a full outsourcing of the Market: Private and business clients. What has led to this decision?

Sengle: It is a conglomerate of different reasons. In the first place, economic Considerations: We realize – conservative estimate – a minimum of 20 percent cost reduction, and we reach a variabilization of the costs both in the short-term fluctuations in Employment as well as structural changes such as progressive mechanisation. You mean, More case final processes of financial Informatics and, therefore, less work in the Market not to fall in the future us on the feet, but – sorry Mr tree gardener – the DSGF. In addition, it has been at least four employees in the processing of new business, for organizational reasons, not possible to keep the throughput times of the decisions stable. Here are the DSGF offers a binding service times, the you – does not comply with the experience the first time, but falls short. Finally, the overheated labour market in and around Munich was another facet that we must be careful, for what activities in our savings Bank, we still have sufficient personnel with the necessary qualifications can acquire.


Why have you decided for the DSGF as a cooperation partner?

Sengle: In the market a result of Passive and payment services, we have been working together successfully for years with the DSGF, recently we have in common is the digitization of our credit files on schedule and within the planned costs are settled. We have met the DSGF and the persons acting in as a very professional and service oriented. It has grown a relationship of trust. In addition, it has proven to be the DSGF as a leading process designers within the savings banks Finance group and is not for nothing a member of the PPS-support the Advisory Board. From the Expertise in process standardization, we have also been able to benefit in the current project.


How can you look at a project for a full outsourcing of the market a result of Active Private and business customers imagine?

Sengle: Work Rich! Fun aside: At the beginning of the strategic decision to outsource and the choice of the service provider. According to formal decision-making and a letter of intent in the Kick-off of the outsourcing project was in February of this year. Since the end of August, the entire production of New and existing business in the area of Private and business customers of our savings Bank over the DSGF. What has happened in these six months? First of all, we have created a variance analysis between our current processes and Standard processes of the DSGF. Then, the DSGF worked out a deal. Thanks to the transparency of costs, we were able to make an informed decision about which processes are generally outsourced and what should be the standard processes changed. The processes were adjusted technically and the DSGF, the connection to the workflow was set up. From these Workflows, we can receive via E-Mail of the DSGF of the documents generated and Status messages. We have at any time full transparency about the processing of our orders.


How, exactly, one can imagine the processing of an order?

Paul: We take the example of the credit process in mortgage lending. In the context of the customer consultation process, the consultant filled in the necessary data in an operation in the core Bank system OSPlus, and more are in the OSPlus to the DSGF. In the DSGF is in parallel to start automatically the machining process, and a virtual file is created. The required paper documents to be sent to the DSGF, there is scanned, the virtual file associated with it and the workflow system of the DSGF passed. It is a new order in the entrance a mail box of the DSGF appears. Now the loan processing process in the OSPlus can be started with the aid of the parallel-displayed documents from the workflow system. In the workflow system, the production control, documentation of internal processing, as well as the more routes the operations to the quality assurance team. In connection with the audited decision and contract documents will be sent to the customer consultant electronically. The Workflow now waits for the signed resolution and contract documents, as well as to further process the trigger, for example, a service order for a loan payment.


What is your experience with the DSGF of similar projects?

Tree gardener: the way we complete in the Market Actively for the Kreis – und stadtsparkasse Erding – Dorfen edit, we accept for other institutions, the whole Market in a Passive way. In our model DSGF.regio is the Market Passively encapsulated within the savings Bank and completely, i.e., including the control and the process Highness, transferred to us. The special feature of this model is that we employ also the employees of the savings Bank in the Form of a person Alga position. Thus, we have created an approach that counteracts the growing surplus in savings banks and in an emotionally acceptable manner. Employees who leave the savings Bank, for example, due to Retirement, will not be replaced. A natural turnover of staff. Regional everything remains the same, because the employees will keep their current job and the DSGF leases the corresponding premises of the savings Bank. All the peaks are processed by the DSGF-productions. The secures the Institute at any time.


Making feel their customers that the DSGF takes over the processing in the Back Office?

Sengle: Our customers don’t realize that we perform the processing in the Back Office itself. What you will notice is that the loan applications are significantly processed more quickly and you tire much quicker to receive a signature of the Treaty. If a customer continues today in a store, he can get thanks to the outsourcing, and three days later his contract from us. A significant Plus for the customer acquisition and customer retention.


How, exactly, the DSGF realized this shorter reaction time?

Paul: This is mainly due to the standard processes in our Workflows. The standard processes are the key to many of the clients efficiently and all the potentials to lift produce. The Workflows to support us, as contracts and documents can be automatically assigned to. Moreover, it is transparent at all times, which work steps have already been made and what are the documents of the third is still missing. Periods are monitored automatically. We also benefit from the electronic archive, which has significant advantages over the paper tray. The required information can be researched in a targeted manner. In an electronic file can be sorted, in addition, be an efficient folder structure, for example, to documents, date or type. Intelligent Filter it is possible to have all the documents to an existing object that is to be involved in the financing. Also within the documents, the Search is more efficient, because using the PDF search function can be searched for specific information. Finally, data can be Copy-and-Paste into other applications, such as OSPlus transfer – which also saves time.


And what are the changes in the notice of the employees in the savings Bank?

Sengle: directly by the outsourcing of employees affected by the credit-market follow-up work in the meantime, either in other tasks within our Bank or have retired due to age. For each of the affected employees, we have found a solution. The staff reduction has already been implemented now. We are talking of about eight staff capacity. Our sales staff Changes in two directions. On the one hand, is associated with the consistent implementation of the PPS-processes, that at one point or another tasks by the adviser to be taken to him so far – by way of derogation from the Standard, the credit Market has decreased.


However, I am convinced also live in the case of each mortgage Advisor – to a reasonable extent. On the other hand – and this effect is, in my estimation, of time more noticeable – it is for our customers consultant of advantage, if you can agree, after consulting the follow-up date for the signature of the contract. It was so binding is not possible. Since we had to put off our customers, then two, three weeks.


What recommendations can you give to other institutions?

Not Sengle: I, to give clever advice. The following experience I made:



  • The Outsourcing measures related to personnel reduction, we designed always so that the affected employees with equivalent duties have been found – as far as they are not excreted anyway from the operation, for example, due to age. A page had never, that we know what to do with the resources. Among other things, therefore, we consider management of outsourcing in the customer’s remote areas, without reservation, as an equivalent Alternative to in-house production.
  • In the area of the Market is Passive, we have noticed for years that the Cost of variability is a great advantage. Process improvements have a direct impact – almost in the following month – in the income Statement.
  • Without the support of the first management level, a reasonable level of acceptance in the operation, neither directly Concerned with the sales staff. Here it was a question of Persuasion. But that was very well invested time.
  • What is the swap Market as Active: Digital credit files are an essential prerequisite for this. This also costs money, but worth it. No matter whether you outsource then afterwards or not.


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