Swiss banks to launch the pilot phase of Is

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This summer, the start of the Swiss banks within the framework of the recently by the SIX Group-announced project Is in the pilot phase of the conversion of their ATMs to a uniform, vendor-neutral Software. NCR, a leading provider of Omni-Channel solutions, developed the Software, which allows for better usability, greater cost efficiency and faster Updates of the ATM.

Schweizer Banken starten Pilotphase von ATMfutura

Image source: SIX Group

Is an innovative and unique in Europe project, with the aim of Swiss banks on all of their ATMs with the same user equip interface as well as menu navigation and simplify their operations substantially. By the end of 2017, initially, selected sites will go with the new standard software in the pilot operation. From 2018, the new Software, which is based on NCR APTRA Top Client Server (TCS) is to be made, all in Switzerland placed ATMs available.


“The unification of the ATMs Software is only the first step of Is,” explains Jürg Weber, Division CEO SIX Payment Services. “In the future, we will be able to the banks in Switzerland a complete package to offer that will help you, thanks to standardization, volume bundling and process optimization, to reduce costs significantly and at the same time the users of lift-friendliness for the customer. A project of such magnitude requires a reliable Partner with many years of experience, flexibility and know-how that we have found in the NCR.“


The aim of the project Is it to replace over 20 individual solutions from various manufacturers through a common standard software so that future software adjustments easier, quicker and cheaper can be made and economies of scale achieved. Bank customers, the project offers a simpler operation of the ATMs and the introduction of new functions that previously could be offered only by individual banks. This includes purchases through the Smartphone using a QR code, an individual denomination of the payout, as well as a voice guide for visually-impaired users.


“NCR is the world’s largest provider of multi-vendor ATM Software, so-called multi-vendor Software,” explains Paul Thür, CEO of the NCR Schweiz GmbH. “We are proud of the trust placed SIX in the case of this project, in us. The configuration and modernisation of the existing components on a new, unified platform is a complex undertaking that requires trust and cooperation on both sides. We are confident that this project model will have effect for other countries.“

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