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Wincor Nixdorf at the FI-Forum in 2016. With a comprehensive range of solutions for the automation of self – service and branch processes, innovative concepts for the optimization of cash processes and new solutions for processing cashless payments Diebold Nixdorf on the FI Forum for answers to current and future challenges.

Die vernetzte Zukunft erleben

The Trend towards multi-channel is unbroken: even when you withdraw money with your Smartphone

In the Wake of the digitization of banks and savings banks, mobile technologies integrate into all customer channels. With the possibility, at the ATM using a Smartphone to withdraw money, present yourself as an innovative Institute at the pulse of time and increase your perception as an attractive financial partner for Smartphone-affine customers. Wincor Nixdorf shows in Frankfurt in cooperation with the Star financial, a design-oriented system, which focuses on Digital Natives. Smartphone users can payments with an App quickly, comfortably, and safely. And also to a third party cash can be paid out.


Connected Commerce creates a bridge


To reduce the cost of cash processing, succeeds on the level of the Institution through the use of Cash Recycling systems, the automate corresponding modular extensions, the coin handling. But also in the circulation of money between business Bank and trade business processes can be significantly improved, as the example of a savings Bank and a petrol station enterprise will be demonstrated. In a pilot project, the kreissparkasse Melle and Wincor Nixdorf have implemented a secure and cost-saving waste disposal concept for the gas station companies Metank. The savings Bank has created a new financial product that creates a clear added value for all parties Involved.


Goal by Diebold Nixdorf is “to enable Connected Commerce”, the smooth processing of business transactions in all sales and service channels of banks and retail companies, and to beat with software-based IT solutions that bridge from the physical to the digital world of payments. With the App marketplace for the multifunctional Payment Tablet Albert Wincor Nixdorf shows an example of how bridging this gap can succeed. AEVI Pay is a Payment Eco-System that is based on an open, hardened platform.


Branch transformation is on the way


Another focus is the field of branch transformation is, with the appropriate advice, the solutions for the paperless branch, among other things, on the Basis of signature detection and file scanning, as well as the benefits for the implementation of innovative branch concepts. Rounding out the wide range of topics, with advice offered around the topic of MaRisk.

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