What professionals is important

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In times of personnel shortages, many companies are wondering how to keep your employees. In his current skilled labour Atlas Stepstone is looking into the question, what are the factors that career-starters to your employer to bind.

Was Berufseinsteigern wichtig ist

The result is The most important profession, a good relationship with their colleagues to increase today. 89 percent said in the survey, to ensure the most value. Also very important the profession is to beginners that their work is valued (83 percent), and that they Balance to keep a balanced Work-Life (81 percent), as the Statista infographic shows.


The survey confirms the Stereotype that Millennials leisure time is more important than a high income. However, for companies also have an opportunity here: For a value and friendly operational treasures of climate, not only career-starters motivated to work.

Was Berufseinsteigern wichtig ist


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